Waterjet Assistance Boat

Waterjet assistance boat

The W.A.B. Waterjet Assistance Boat, a boat created to provide assistance and first aid at sea.

The WAB, designed and manufactured completely in Italy, highlights the functional aspects, with a specific and unique technological features and a specific quality of construction and finishes.

The W.A.B. is a special craft, expressly designed with unique features:

  • IT’S PRACTICAL: because the motorcycle-type seat allows plenty of space on boat;
  • IT’S USEFUL: because a specific system of winches allow to hoist aboard the injuried, placed directly into the water on the spinal stretcher;
  • IT’S ECO-FRIENDLY: because it’s equipped with an engine that meets   Directive EU 94/25/CE on pleasure boats;
  • IT’S FUNCTIONAL: because thanks to jet engines with a draft of only 38 cm can arrive up to the shoreline of the beach for transfer  the injuries in the ambulance;
  • IT’S SAFE: because it’s built with a solid monohull that allow you to go out at sea with moderate state #4.

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