The emergency equipment is designed to answer the needs of recovery injury and serious injured people in the water. Unfortunately, many statistics shows how often moderate or minor trauma can develop into more severe conditions due to the wrong way in which is given the first aid. Think of the difficulty to hoist aboard a boat not properly equipped or not suitable for this purpose an injuried not yet stabilized….

With WAB  Emergency  model, you can hoist safely and without any effort by the operator the injured on board, give the first aid and transport him to shore for further investigation.

The boat can accommodate up to a maximum of n ° 4 persons (including No. 2 injuried) and is equipped with No. 1 stretcher, a winch and a system of hauling. On request it is possible to mount another stretcher, another additional winch and another hauling system.

The Emergency equipment includes, in addition to the safety features required by law, and to the standard features:

Anchor  “Delta type” with case Italian flag
Powerful Battery Throwing line
Spinal stretcher ME.BER. Model Galaxy P9042


Medical equipment kit

Waterproof first aid bag (ambu ball, heat-blanket, collars in various sizes, blinker, whistle, fluorescein) White light projector
Ladder to go at sea in stainless steel Lifting system of the stretcher in stainless steel
Boat canvas cover Boathook
Siren Electric winch with dedicated battery for the lifting of the stretcher


OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: sea anchor, spinal board Me.Ber: in ergon, stretcher Me.Ber model TOBOGA (pulley-floating stretcher), waterproof cover for the console, different colors and customized graphics, dual battery, dual light beams searchlight , roll bar lights, freshwater plant, yellow or red flashing light, electric pump, electric windlass with second battery dedicated to the lifting of a second stretcher, canvas boat covers, radio VHF + antenna abattibile, second lifting system of the stretcher in stainless steel, single or two-tone siren with megaphone.

The characteristics and components listed are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.

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