Safety equipment

WAB Waterjet Assistance Boat is available in 2 models: Emergency and Workaround. The boat has a range of amenities that make it suitable for recreational boating within 6 miles of the coast. The following equipment is included in the basic model, regardless of the model. The quantities given in brackets refer to the number of units required by law.

Life jackets, one for each person aboard [nr° 4] Life ring with rope [nr° 1]
Floating light [nr° 1] Floating smoke [nr° 2]
Red light Hand flares [nr° 2] Red Light Parachute flares [nr° 2]
Navigation lights [nr° 1] Sound signaling equipment [nr° 1]
Pump or other means of Exhaustion [nr° 1] Fire-fighting equipment – fire extinguishers [nr° 1]


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